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Site Building and Website Management

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Ask For What
You Need

Whole Site or Part of a Site

There are so many bits and pieces that go into a website it is hard to list all the possible needs without getting cluttered.

You may want to start small and leave room to grow a site.

You might have an old site you want rebuilt.

You might have a clear idea of what you want or no idea at all.

You might like to know about how things work or you might not want to deal with any of that.

Search Engine Optimization
aka SEO

Targeted Placement Research
Key Word Research
High Visibility Tags & Titles

Page titles, section headings, meta tags and content wording all lend to search.

You can usually save money by saving the web designer and manager time.

Here are a few examples of other services.

You might need a logo created.

You might have a company logo or company look that needs to carry over onto your website.

Maybe you need an obscure service like a photo, page or characteristic added to an existing website.

Maybe you need help maintain an existing site.


Free to
Thousands of Dollars

The cost for websites run from nothing to a whole lot.

Ask for an Estimate

We will discuss how different things cost less or more. In general if you want a site that is time consuming to create or build it will cost more.

Per Hour Rates: $50.00

A small business should be able to get a good basic website for less than a thousand dollars.

You can save money by hiring a freelance web designer.

If you have no budget for a website check out the many ways you can get a free website going.

In general you will also save if your content is prepared and edited.

This is a low content website that would cost about $500.00.

It contains one photo adjustmentfor the heading, a transparent background on the contact page and four graphic elements.

Things That Make A Website Cost More include:

A lot of Graphics
A lot of Photos
A Complicated Layout
Shopping Carts
Interactive Content
Moving Content


Website Management

Monterey Websites can address all aspects of getting your website up and running.

Beyond the Design, a site also needs a domain and host service.

Most sites need periodic updates and maintenance. Not all sights are high maintenance. For example, this is a low maintenance site.